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Technical Designer

Verdant is a 2D action platformer where the player fights to protect their home, the inside of a giant tree, from a swarm of poisonous insects.

Play now on Mac or Windows

The Robot Split in Time

Technical Designer

The Robot Split in Time is a cooperative puzzle platformer where two robots must work together and swap through time to solve puzzles!

Play now with two players on Mac or Windows

Brain Powered Games 

- Africa

Technical Designer

Brain Powered Games - Africa is a series of minigames built to test and improve the cognitive functions of children in Africa who have been exposed to HIV. I helped redevelop the original set of BPG games from 2013 as well as add new games such as a real-time strategy game where you build a village.

Quantum 3

Lead Designer

Quantum 3 is an educational match-3 game for all ages where fun meets quantum physics! Build subatomic particles, learn about the mysteries of fundamental physics and deploy antimatter to clear the way! Quantum 3 is puzzle-matching at its finest and a great intro to the world of particle physics! 

Available for mobile devices on the AppStore and Google Play!

Quantum 3: Learning QCD through Intuitive Play

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About Me


Tristan Özkan is a technical game designer from Midland, Michigan. Tristan graduated from Michigan State University in May of 2020 with a Bachelor's in Computer Science & Engineering and a Minor in Game Design.


During his time at MSU, Tristan worked as a technical designer at the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab and went through MSU's undergraduate program for game design which was ranked #7 in the world by The Princeton Review. Throughout his projects he often took the position of team lead and has worked on a variety of games for both school and work. During development he is strongly involved in systems design, gameplay programming, and project management.

Some of Tristan's favorite games include Magic: The Gathering, Dota 2, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Resume & Contact

(989) 600-5669

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